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Check the time

Not fast enough

Think faster

What time is it?

Too slow

You missed it


Not fast enough


Not fast enough


Not fast enough


Not fast enough


Just a little faster...

The need for speed

Just keeps growing

How fast does a strange loop grow?

Maybe an apple on the head will figure it out…

Check my phone

Run to yoga

Hurry up and relax

"I'll tell you when it's time to get up"

One whole day writing an essay

Oops too slow

Always too slow


Check the microwave

No way

Just look at the time


Hurry up and message me back

What's taking so long?

Too slow

Gotta get Gigabit

Megabit is maddening

Time to go to bed

How long will it take me to get to sleep?

How long will I sleep?

How much of my time is spent sleeping?

Check my brain

"My, how time flies"

Whoops too fast

Who could have known?

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