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A Social Self-Portrait

What is it to interact with someone,

If not to be presented with a mental canvas?

A canvas upon which one may paint a picture of an individual

Of course painting takes prowess, practice, and patience

And the exercising thereof offers a particular pleasure

But what to paint?

Often one paints an image to please

Like the reflection of a mirror in the eyes of a vain onlooker

Other times one paints an impression

A transformation designed to affect a certain mental mural

When the canvas is not blank

When painting with an old acquaintance, perhaps

Then one appropriates their own former work

Deciding what must go

Refining what may stay

And leaving the result for the artist's next instantiation

Each of these disciplines a pleasure in their own right

And they can be useful

When selling widgets and convincing senators

When making friends, or maybe more

But there is something quite simply beautiful

Something uniquely satisfying

About the simplicity of a self portrait


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