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Little Boxes

What is the difference between day and night?

The lighting?

The temperature?

The distribution of molecular clusters relative to their boxes?

All due

To a planetary event

Or a perhaps it’s just an angle

Why do we need the boxes?

What business needs to be done that can’t be done in nature?

All of it, apparently

When the boxes became prisons

No one noticed

But once we saw the bars

Everyone felt trapped

And we started planning our escape

Manufacturing freedom

In two doses or one, and maybe a booster here and there

But the prison was never the boxes

It was the business we built them for

And now we find ourselves in a strange position

Telecommuting into the prison we claimed to have escaped

From the cell we never left

And maybe they are content with dancing shadows

3 square meals a day and a simple purpose

But I have seen the bars

And I have felt the walls

Like any prison one must play by the warden’s rules

So I sit in my box

And I play along

And I plan my escape


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