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Inhale of Eternity

Clouds in the sky:

an inhale of eternity. 

Might you take me

behind your walls?

Then perhaps recreate me,

before I once again fall. 

Next time why don’t you breathe me in?

So that maybe I, too, might be a part of eternity.

Take me in and dissolve me.

Bring me to Heaven and rain me down to Hell.

I’ve been to both already – 

I promise there’s no soul I would tell. 

Let me blow with you;

Low first, weaving a mist between the spruce and the birch. 

Then when they call for privacy,

we’ll surround the peaks in a cold embrace.

Yes, really, I’ll help with that too – 

just please let me be gone without a trace. 

Absolve me of my humanity.

Release me from this world, 

and its misguided practicality.

Oh, what I’d hear if you’d just bring me along.

Is it too much to ask that you drench me in your song?

I can thunder, I can blunder,

and I’m no stranger to a lightning number.

But instead of these thrills,

I’d just mostly like to be still. 

Mist in the sky,

at least don’t blame me for wanting to try.

Mist in the sky,

you’re just so lucky to be up that high.


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