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Questions for a Rock

What is it like to be a rock in a river? With the water rushing about on all sides, I wonder if the feeling is of strength or weakness.

Tell me, do you feel strong for never budging or do you feel weak for those small changes that are made to you with the passing time?

I’m sitting now among those small stones that collect along the shore, a small stone myself. I look at you, wondering, what is it that you feel?

You change the current, sure, but not much. It rushes on past you, slightly rippled but largely unaffected.

Do you look at other stones on the shore and see something familiar? They once held the position you do. When you look at them, do you see your future or your past?

I feel that surge in the back of my knees when I dip my toes into the ice. Have you gotten used to that chill yet? Are you numb or mindfully tolerant?


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